The expert poker players as well as the average poker players scarcely ever worry themselves with the same old issues, but there is one issue that virtually all poker players, in spite of of proficiency, ask themselves regularly: how much luck is involved in the game of poker?


Stanislav Komsky says that for a game where most players rarely ever think about luck, there is a lot of superstition. When you speak about someone being lucky in that poker tourney and won, be careful of how you say it. For example, if you talk about being unlucky, your luck may never change.


As rookies start to learn a little, they realize how much more they now know than they did before, usually overrating their brand new skills, and they pass through a stage where they feel there is very little luck involved in poker.


When players become truly superior, their view on luck is a bit tougher to pin down. Most great players have big poker egos, and that kind of ego does not allow them to view their game as one where luck plays much of a role. Yet these great players do not always win, even when they are playing against clearly mediocre opponents.



These may sound quite bizarre... but, here they are anyway. Did you know that if you are playing a game with two separate decks and you are asked to choose the deck, you should always select the deck of cards that is farthest away from you? Or, if you get a run of lousy cards, you have to sit on a handkerchief to break your unlucky streak? It is actually deemed to be good luck to blow through a deck of cards while they are being shuffled.


Some attention-grabbing poker superstitions are:

  • You can alter the run of cards by walking around your chair three times.
  • The luckiest seat at the poker table faces the door.
  • The unluckiest seat has it’s back to a fireplace.
  • When shifting seats, you should always do so clockwise.
  • The unluckiest poker card is the four of clubs.
  • It’s very unlucky to sit at the poker table with your legs crossed.
  • Friday is a bad day to play card games.
  • The 13th is also a bad day, notwithstanding what day of the week it is.


For being such a game full of skill, many people still hold on to the old superstitions.



And when you’re about to go all in as a clear second best just because your pocket cards include what you think is your “lucky” number, take some time to think about what your purpose in poker really is. Is this your best? Leave the lucky undies, rabbit’s feet, and 4 leaf clovers to the attention grabbing bunch of losers who dedicate themselves to losing. Keep the balanced move toward to being successful at poker for yourself and bear in mind that it is positively unlucky to be superstitious.

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